Sunday, March 16, 2014

Underwear 3


"Lardee, we have to eat a little better to 
maintain these underwear physiques."


"We'll cut our Gummy Bears in half, and 
throw away the bottoms."


"I feel healthier already."


Lilly Hibbs said...

this is how i feal

joods said...

You li'l guys are so cute. I've clearly been dieting all wrong! I ate only the bottoms of the gummi learn something new everyday. Thank you precious toofs. <3

Eliana said...


Eliana said...


Francesca said...

too cute! <3

Ginaa said...

We'd been eating the gummy bears all wrong! Should've asked ickle and Lardee a long time ago ;)

Kerstin said...

Oh noes! Don't throw away half of the Gummy Bears. They last longer that way. Though the shot of the Gummy Bear being cut is too gruesome for me. ;)

Vina said...

I need to learn a lot from ickle and Lardee about eating better!


Laura said...

oh, these guys. this is definitely how i'm going to start eating healthier! xx

Storage Pasadena said...

They are so cute :( this little teeth is so awesome.

computersupporttechnology said...

they looks adorable
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